Cleaning horse hooves and treating for thrush

I had my camera running as I cleaned Mr. “I ain’t gunna and you can’t make me” Barney’s hooves. I thought it might be good to show the process. The camera work is not all that great since it’s just a GoPro on a chest mount but, You’ll get the idea.

Cleaning horse hoof

Cleaning horse hoof

The objective here is to get rid of anything stuck in the hoof, around the frog, that might cause a problem. This is usually just horse poop but, rocks can get stuck in there too and cause bruising to the hoof.

While I was cleaning, I could smell some thrush. It smells like bad athlete’s foot. That is pretty much what it is too, the horse version of athlete’s foot! A fungal infection of the hoof. If left untreated, it can eat into the sole and frog of the hoof badly.

Treatment for thrush is pretty simple. There are a lot of expensive commercial treatments on the market that work well but, when you catch it early, the most highly recommended treatment is simply household bleach. It’s what every farrier I have talked to suggests and does not damage your horse’s hooves. I just put some in a spray bottle and, after cleaning the hooves, spritz it on!

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