Using the passenger exercise on your horse.

One of the areas I need to dramatically improve is my seat! I have found that just being a passenger on my horse gives me time to concentrate better on doing that.

I suggest doing this exercise in some sort of enclosed area, such as an arena, or even in a round pen. The reason is that you are not guiding your horse at all! The only direction you give your horse is to keep him moving, you don’t care where he moves, just that he moves. In my case, I don’t even care what speed he chooses, for the most part!

Since I am not at all concerned with where Willy is going, I can put more of my attention into just how I’m sitting the saddle during whatever gait that Willy chooses to take up. Mostly, he walks. He did decide to trot since we were headed to an area he wanted to be in. That is the only time I did more than concentrate on my seat! In that instance, I insisted that he keep trotting in his favorite area until he moved away from it, then, I let him go back to a nice sedate walk.

The video below is part of that session of simply playing passenger while Willy chose the direction and speed…

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