Take that halter OFF of your horse!

Halters help us humans when working with out horses. We can attach lead lines, lunge lines, and even reins to a horse’s halter to work them on the ground or ride them out on the trail.

But, when you’re done working with your horse and ready to let him go, into his pen, pasture, corral, or stall, take that halter off!

Clinton Anderson says “A horse wakes up with just two thoughts on his mind, ‘What can I eat?’ and ‘How can I hurt myself today?'”

Well, leaving a halter on your horse is inviting him to find a way to seriously injure or even kill himself! It is so easy for a horse to catch the halter onto just about anything, a tree, post, nail.

This horse managed to catch the halter onto something that did not give.

This horse caught his halter onto something that would not give way. In his panic to escape, he pulled and jerked so that the halter dug right into his skin!

The same with the horse below!

The halter here cut all the way down to the nasal bone!

I actually refuse to leave any kind of tack on my horse that might not come off should the horse get it caught on something.

No matter what it is, if you are not absolutely sure that it will come off with little effort, then take it off of the horse before you leave him!

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