Desensitizing my horse to falling objects

So, the other day I made the mistake of allowing the saddle to fall off of Barney…on the off side. He spooked badly, ran me over, and generally flipped out. The whole thing was avoidable but, I felt the need to quiet down the “spook factor”!

When Barney ran me over, I pulled a muscle and it took until today before I felt good enough to do some work with him.

During my time not working with either Barney or Willy, I developed a plan! I would find objects to toss near Barney’s feet, that make noise, or are otherwise worrisome to him. I would also place those objects on his back so they could fall off near his feet.

The objective is to get Barney more used to things falling around him so that he won’t simply blow up like he did the other day.

What I used was a small traffic cone and I found an empty feed bag to put plastic cups, bottles, rocks, and cans into. The cone would not be very traumatic but, that feed bag with all that noisy trash sure would be!

That is the cone and bag full of rattling trash I used.

Barney sniffing the bag.

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  1. Terry says:

    Great idea

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