My horse freaks at any new thing… this time, it’s a different rope.

Alrighty then! Mr. “I ain’t gunna and you can’t make me” Barney is one of those horses that notices and reacts to every new thing. This time, it’s a different rope… yep, just a different rope.

To you and me, and most other horses, a rope is a rope is a rope. Not so with Barney! It’s different and therefore highly suspicious! He has no problem with his lead rope at all! He has no problem with the long lunge line at all! But, this rope is a stiff lariat rope so, it must be some sort of monster!

Right off the bat, I had Barney loose in the round pen. I left him loose, this time, as I tormented him with this new monstrosity of a rope. In fact, I was simply teaching Barney that all of his panic would not really bring him the release he wants.

The video below is of that training session. It’s only 11 minutes long from start to finish. That is all the time it took for Barney to become fairly calm.

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