The hard, ugly, disgusting, truth about horses in the US

Kill pen horses

Kill pen horses

So many people want so desperately to prevent the slaughter of a horse. I understand that perfectly!

Each year, thousands upon thousands of beautiful horses are sent off to slaughter. They are used for everything from dog food to human consumption.

Guess what? It is our OWN FAULT! That’s right, we keep breeding an over abundance of horses every stinking year!

The horse market is FLOODED! Taking a look on just about any site that allows for advertising horses for sale, you’ll find perfectly good horses being sold for $200 or LESS or even being GIVEN AWAY!

Why is that horse being sold for such a low price? Who knows? Maybe the horse had a behavior problem that the owner could not deal with. Maybe the horse got injured. Maybe it just isn’t pretty enough.

When that horse is sold, the previous owner is going to go out and find a young, two year old, horse to replace it!

The sold horse is quite likely to be bought by a kill buyer. The kill buyer is going to look over the horse and possibly decide “Hey, I can fix this horse, and advertise it as going to slaughter! That’ll get the attention of some soft heart and I’ll triple or quadruple my money!” or, he might just go ahead, and feed it up to send to slaughter.

Don’t blame the kill buyer! Don’t blame the slaughter houses! Don’t blame the end consumers of horse products!

Blame the idiotic HORSE COMMUNITY for continually breeding more and more horses to put into a FLOODED MARKET!

Right now, in the United States of America, there are tens of thousands of FERAL, some call them wild, horses that had to be rounded up off the range so they wouldn’t kill the range. The vast majority of THOSE horses are now in ‘long term’ holding and will soon be sold to….kill buyers! They simply can NOT afford to care for them forever. Why do they round up so many of our feral, some call them wild, horses? Because their population DOUBLES every four years! Without rounding up a large number of them from time to time, the horses, antelope, deer, and elk would begin to STARVE and die of disease! The range is a limited resource that they all have to share!

So, there is a huge excess of horses. Unless YOU can personally take full financial responsibility for at least ONE horse, DO NOT COMPLAIN about horses being sent to slaughter! I have two horses, and I know the reality of the horse population, I do NOT condemn the pathway to slaughter at all!

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2 Responses to The hard, ugly, disgusting, truth about horses in the US

  1. Kathy says:

    First offyou have no idea what your talking about. Thise ‘ferral’ hourse havebeen on the range long before the government decided to allow cattle and sheep to graze on public land. These horse have plenty of food, water and are very health. BlM rounds them up: seperat8ng family unitsand puts them in pens. Now the taz payer spends thousanfsto feed and care for these beautiful wild mustangs. How about using that money for range managment pratice such as birth control darting for mares. This is a safe pratice and can still allow mature mares to breed. Horses will not onbreed, they maintain family units. People like you who make these ill informed blogs need to spend some time o n the range, spend some time around these horses. Slaughter is the curlest, would you want to let that happen to your horses! There are horses on the market for cheap because owners either need to sell, and yes: owners need to be careful whom they sell to. Slaughter of horses in the US needs to be stopped, as should shipping them to Mexico or Canade.

    • Alhefner says:

      First of all, I LIVE on the range! I know exactly what I’m talking about! Until the BLM was forced into mismanaging the FERAL horses, the RANCHERS took care of them and there was NO problem with overpopulation. Now, there IS. Even if every cow and every sheep was taken off the range, with current management practices, within ten years, not only would the horses be starving and dying of disease, so would all the wildlife that depends on that range!

      You are obviously getting your “information” from the same shady, moronic, know nothing, “groups” that forced the current management debacle to begin in the first place!

      Yes, I know what I’m talking about! don’t like it? OK, take YOU OWN ADVICE and spend a FEW DOZEN YEARS in and on the range, working asnd living off of it!

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