Thrush can hide after you think it is gone!

OK, this has been a lesson for me! My mustang, Barney, had terrible thrush last year. My farrier and I thought that we had gotten rid of it. That was not the case as I just found out!

Here’s a photo of what has happened to Barney’s foot. The green is a “copper tox” treatment and the dirt is from Barney standing in the dirt after I cleaned his feet and put the copper tox on it.

The white area deep inside is into soft tissue, past the sole of Barney’s hoof. It is very tender to the touch, of course.

Thrush had gone deep into my horse’s hoof!

After last dealing with thrush, I had treated it as my farrier advised with a 40% bleach solution. I also used “Thrush Buster” at the same time. It took about 6 months to get rid of all visible signs, and olfactory sign (smell), of the thrush. The farrier declared Barney to be cured of thrush and I kept a close eye on him since, he does tend to stand in manure even though he has a 1/4 acre DRY pen to use.

Occasionally, I could smell thrush and would immediately treat it. That would get rid of the smell for weeks at a time.

When I went to clean Barney’s feet this time, I noticed the tell tale smell before even putting the hoof pick into action. It was as I cleaned around the frog that I found that huge hole! Barney reacted any time I allowed the hoof pick to touch that inner White area.

My plan for going forward is daily treatments! I’ll be using the bleach solution, copper tox, and Thrush Buster in a rotating regimen every single day for the next several months! I want this GONE! I want my horse to be healthy!

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