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Desensitizing my horse to falling objects

So, the other day I made the mistake of allowing the saddle to fall off of Barney…on the off side. He spooked badly, ran me over, and generally flipped out. The whole thing was avoidable but, I felt the need … Continue reading

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How to get run over by your horse

Well, once again, I have proven that horses can be dangerous animals. Today, I managed to spook my mustang Barney and he ran over me. The good part is that he managed to avoid stepping on me. Most horses won’t … Continue reading

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Take that halter OFF of your horse!

Halters help us humans when working with out horses. We can attach lead lines, lunge lines, and even reins to a horse’s halter to work them on the ground or ride them out on the trail. But, when you’re done … Continue reading

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